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Melissa Dlugolecki

Melissa Dlugolecki is a writer, life-coach, yoga instructor and Co-Founder of MOVE. with Mooch & Mel. She is passionate about helping busy people find ways to access health without the gimmicks and “quick fixes.” She credits her daughter, Leyden, for her study and appreciation of gut health. You can typically find her chugging matcha, carrying cayenne pepper (just incase) and exploring the latest trends in the health world. Read more about her story and work at www.thrivewithmdl.com, her business at www.movewithmm.com or follow her on Instagram: @gutsngrief

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Ashley Harwood

Ashley has built a successful, 6-figure real estate business over the past 5 years. Through her own experience as an introverted Realtor, she has discovered what works and what doesn’t (hint: much of what works well for extroverts does not work the same way for introverts).

Realizing there was a need for a coaching program specifically for introverts in real estate, Ashley launched Move Over Extroverts. Her mission is to help introverts discover how to use their unique strengths to be even more successful in their businesses. She shortens the learning curve for her clients, as they can benefit from the trials, failures, and successes Ashley has experienced during her career.

Bianca Jordan, Esq., MBA

Bianca Jordan, Esq., MBA is the founder + owner of Brazen Legal, a virtual law firm that helps creatives with their business, immigration, and intellectual property needs. Feel free to connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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Kate Lewis

As a lifelong Bostonienne and girl-about-town, Kate is happy to bring her expertise on nightlife, cuisine and all things social to the Boston Young Professional Guide! Kate works by day in residential property management and is passionate about helping others find their home in her native city. She joins the Boston Young Professional Guide team as a resident social butterfly and dating aficionado, with an attentive finger on the pulse of what's trendy and worth trying on the local scene. When not working, she loves relaxing with a glass of wine and the latest episode of The Bachelor, singing karaoke with her girls, or taking in comedy shows and movies!

Kate grew up in West Newton, Massachusetts, and obtained her B.A. in English from Boston College in 2015. She now lives in the West End of Boston with two very funny roommates and a basil plant named Luhrmann. And yes, she is single.

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Jayne Mattson

Jayne Mattson, President and Career Management Consultant of CareerEngage, a consulting organization that helps early to mid- career professionals in all aspects of their careers such as; new career exploration, how to effectively build relationships for career advancement and how to answer the salary question that will increase your chances of negotiating at the offer stage. Through one on one coaching, webinars and seminars, Jayne provides practice advice and career tips that will enhance and advance you in your career. She is also a Confidence Coach for Budget Buddies, a non-profit that helps low-income women through workshops and personal financial coaches become more economically self-sufficient. If you are interested in learning more about Jayne and her services, go to http://www.careerengage-boston.com .

A skilled trainer and facilitator, Jayne has applied her expertise in developing and leading dynamic career enrichment seminars. In addition, Jayne frequently authors articles on numerous career topics; her work has appeared on Mashable.com, Monster, CareerBuilder, as well as in print publications including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Stephanie Troy, LICSW, RYT

Stephanie Troy, LICSW, RYT is a Mind/Body Therapist & Trainer focusing in the area of stress and anxiety management. She is owner of Your Whole Healing http://www.yourwholehealing.com which provides individual counseling in Harvard Square as well as corporate wellness stress management programming focusing on helping individuals Strive to Thrive.

David Soffer

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, David Soffer is a tour guide, fashion-enthusiast, and foodie who loves being the best-dressed guy in the room and eating amazing food all over the world. Returning back to his beloved Boston after living in China for 7+ years, he created Tailor Made Shanghai https://www.tailormadeshanghai.com - a first-of-its-kind 1-week all-inclusive trip to Shanghai where adventurers can eat over 100 different Chinese food dishes, buy perfectly-fitted tailor made clothes, and experience amazing sightseeing. Check out Shanghai food and fashion photos on Instagram @tailormadeshanghai


Liz Froment

Liz Froment is a Boston-based B2B writer and content strategist whose also expanded her skillset out into other areas of tech writing, including marketing technology and insurance technology. Liz has also written for SaaS brands and has ghost writen for C-Level executives both on brand and thought leadership. If you’re ready for new content or a total content revamp, get in touch. She can help you create blogs, guides, ebooks, whitepapers, newsletters, and emails and build a strategy around them to set you up for the future.