25 Blog Post Ideas to Boost Your Content Calendar

25 Blog Post Ideas to Boost Your Content Calendar

You've got your blog set up, great.

Now, it's time to start creating content.

If you've been working on your blog for a while, you've probably run into the problem where you start to run out of ideas.

It makes sense; sometimes it feels like there are only so many things you can talk about.

The reality? You can come up with tons of topics to create content around that matter to your customers.

This post is all about giving you some blog post ideas for your blog.

If you're feeling stuck, start tackling some of these. And if you're just getting started, these should help you get your content calendar filled up.

1. Case Study: Go deep on one customer and highlight how they used your product or service successfully.

2. Interview an Expert: This could be individually or as a part of a long-running series of expert interviews on topics inside your niche or industry.

3. Yearly Roundup: At the end of the year, do a post that highlights your top pieces of content from that year. This could also be a quarterly or seasonal feature too.

4. Expert Roundup: Ask a specific question to a group of experts and share their findings. This is also a great way to get others to share your content.

5. Contrarian Opinion: Sometimes saying you disagree with something can get a lot of eyeballs. Think of a few pieces of conventional wisdom or industry advice that you disagree with and share.

6. New Product Feature: Anytime you have some new feature with your product or services write a post to tell people about it.

7. Basic Product Questions: Take some of the most common questions you get about specific features of your products or service and make a series of posts that highlight answers.

8. Product How-Tos: You likely have lots of cool tips and tricks you can share about your products that customers would love to know about.

9. Customer Stories Roundup: Get a few of your most successful customers to share a story or anecdote on how your product or service helped them.

10. Quiz: Everyone loves taking quizzes, and these have an added benefit of being a good way to collect customer data and even email addresses.

11. Product Comparison: Compare your product or service to others, it's even better if you can make a nice pretty table to showcase it, these tend to get shared quite a bit.

12. Important Stats or Facts: This is another easy to create but generally popular post. Get 20+ facts or stats about your industry and format it so it's easy to share.

13. Company Behind the Scenes: Showcase a little bit about what's happening behind the scenes at your company, these could include a day in the life type stories too.

14. Current Events: Anytime you can tie a post to a popular current event it's a good thing.

15. Feature Employees: People are always interested in brands, make yours more 'human' and relatable by highlighting a couple of your employees.

16. Mistakes to Avoid: These sorts of posts can speak to both your product or service as well as the industry in general.

17. People to Follow on Social Media: This is another type of roundup post, highlight 10+ people in your industry who are great to follow on social media.

18. Answer FAQs: Take all your biggest and most common questions and devote one big blog post or a couple of blog posts to answering them. This type of post helps curb objections before they start.

19. Company History: Talk about the history of your company, how it started, the big challenges you overcame, and special moments.

20. Industry History: Do a similar thing about your niche or industry, highlight technological advancements, big moments, or talk about where the future is headed.

21. Seasonal or Annual Events: Lots of brands are seasonal or have big annual sales or events, devote a few blog posts a year to these and help spread the word.

22. Step By Step Guides: Take your customers through your product or service in a step by step way. This can help ensure satisfaction and might highlight some spots for improvement in your processes too.

23. Highlight an Industry Study: Most industries have big studies or whitepapers announced every year. Dig into a few of the most recent or important and discuss the findings as they pertain to your brand.

24. Run a Giveaway: People love free stuff, right? Host a giveaway and you can get a bit of a bump in people on the site and grab a few new email addresses along the way.

25. Current Industry Trends: Talk about what's happening right now in your industry. There are always new trends to highlight and feature.

This is a small list that can help get you started. Each of these can be broken into even more content. So, use these as a guide and you should be set for the rest of the year, at least!

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