The Healthy Consumers Guide: 1 Trick & 1 Tip

A busy professionals guide to figuring out what is REALLY going to keep you healthy, energized and moving through an on-the-go lifestyle.

Life is busy. We are busy. The city is busy. As a working professional, we don’t typically have a whole lot of time or energy to spare. So what do we do? We learn how to maximize our energy, how to be efficient with it and certainly where not to waste it. But with hundreds of places popping up on each corner claiming to have the next best food, drink or workout to make life better, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Don’t worry. I got you covered. Bonus; I’ll keep it short. Because, well, busy.

Trick: Starbucks Matcha Latte It’s not that I have something against Starbucks. I definitely have contributed my fair share of dollars to their revenue stream. Truly it’s not personal, it’s just that I value informed decisions on how I spend my money (and food choices). If you haven’t jumped on the matcha bandwagon yet, get moving. Immediately. This green tea is the only tea leaf that is ingested. It’s full of antioxidants, it’s calming, is a slow release caffeine (no crash) and doesn’t contain the acidity of coffee. The problem? It’s expensive and a little labor intensive to make (think whisking). So places like Starbucks have worked around this by creating a matcha latte that appears green and healthy but when you look a little closer, you’ll see the number one ingredient is sugar. This not only saves on cost, but allows it to be mixed without all the energy of whisking. Sigh.

Tip: Flour, Tatte, Nourish Your Soul These places are my (current) favorite for matcha lattes. In fact, you’ll find my business name on the one at Nourish Your Soul as I designed it with maca for sustained energy. At flour, Tatte and Nourish Your Soul, they use high quality matcha that is actually whisked. For sweetner, you can choose maple syrup (flour offers it on the side), honey or agave or at NYS they use dates in their homemade cashew milk (heavenly). These filling and gut-friendly choices will not only give you a boost, they won’t hurt your stomach when trying to digest. What happens when we try to digest things that hurt our stomach? We use a heck of a lot of energy there.... Cue: 3pm crashes. Seems a little counterproductive to have your caffeinated kick, make you more tired, doesn’t it? Stick with the things that will help you feel your best so you can power through your day giving your best. You got this.

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Matcha Makes Us Move

Matcha Makes Us Move