Rebuilding your Confidence after a Job Loss!

Rebuilding your Confidence after a Job Loss!

When you lose your job, it can be easy to  fall into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself. It is a natural emotion especially when it just happens. However, you don’t want to stay in that space for too long as it can be challenging to move yourself  into action. 

Here are five ways to regain resilience and confidence after a job loss:

1. Develop a routine

Not having control of your job search can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Instead of wallowing, treat the job search process like a full-time job and be thorough and deliberate in your search. Develop a routine each day to regain control. There are so many activities of a search that will keep you busy and that you have control over, so use your time wisely.

2. Find a supportive network

Being surrounded by supportive colleagues and friends can help rebuild your confidence. The people who believe in you really do want you to find the right job and fit. They will be your best advocates, tell others about you and more importantly help boost your self-esteem after a layoff.

3. Help others

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, use your new free time to help others. Establishing new connections and applying your skills to other areas like volunteering or taking on leadership positions in your community can help you to bounce back. It will keep your skills sharp, make you feel better, but will also give you something to talk about when meeting others.

4. Use positive affirmation

While getting support from others is key, it's also important that you believe in your own skills. Use each day to verbalize a positive affirmation and remind yourself that you possess valuable skills and have something of value to offer a new employer. Self-talk becomes an important part of rebuilding self confidence.

6. Exercise

Exercise is a natural endorphin booster, so you're bound to be in a much better mood post-workout. If paying for a gym membership is prohibitive, keep costs low by jogging outdoors and doing an at-home yoga routine. Since you're no longer tied to your desk for hours each day, use the new flexibility to get back into shape and feel better about yourself.

Recognize that you will have good and bad days. Going through a job loss is never easy, and there's nothing wrong with allowing some time to heal. There is a better job waiting for you!  

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