The Best Ice Cream In Boston

The Best Ice Cream In Boston

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, we’re listing the best (and unique) ice cream spots in Boston. National Ice Cream Day couldn’t come at a better time - the hot and humid weather of weeks past with future temps in the 80s have us craving something refreshing and sweet and rose isn’t always an option!  Listed below are Boston based businesses that have taken the sweet treat to the next level.

The Original: JP Licks

With their flagship location in JP, and additional locations on Boylston Street, Mission Hill and the surrounding suburbs, JP Licks ice cream may be as recognizable as the colorful cows outside many locations.  In Boston for almost 3 decades, their ever impressive list of flavors and menu options continues to grow. With a long list of year round flavors, rotating monthly flavors, you’ll also find soft serve yogurt and Yogurt X and  dairy free options made from hemp, soy, and coconut. JP Licks doesn’t stop at cones - they roast their own coffee made of organic and fair trade beans, and you can also pick up ice cream cakes for your next BBQ or beach party.  

According to Vince Petryk, the founder and owner, “What’s distinctive is that the flavors are all intense . . . close  your eyes and taste, you’ll always know what flavor you’re tasting, from the esoteric (tomato basil flavor) to every kid’s delight (Cookies 'n' Cake  Batter) we create flavors for all tastes.


Ice cream in a wine bar? Yes please! Picco, or “Pizza Ice Cream Company” serves up all of our cravings.  Ice cream is made from scratch Philadelphia style, using high quality ingredients. Seasonal flavors rotate in, and if you can’t decide on one flavor, you can try 3 for just $6.50.  Don’t forget where you are - they have created plenty of adult beverages with classic ice cream drinks in mind include ice cream soda and the Cow Tipper Frappe.

Where there are food trucks, there’s a Cookie Monstah Food Truck

This wouldn’t be a Boston list if we didn’t include a food truck. You’ve probably seen the Cookie Monstah Food Truck on the Greenway, SOWA or the Common, but if you always walk by, you are missing out! Take note of their schedule and save room for desert. Sandwiched between two fresh cookies is your choice of Richardson’s farm fresh ice cream.   Big enough to share, but don’t!

Skip the Dairy at Fomu

Fomu ice cream is plant- and coconut milk-based and has a smooth texture reminiscent of gelato. All of FoMu’s flavors are made from scratch, sourced locally, and completely free of preservatives, additives, and chemicals. Wander into a Fomu location or one of their pop ups and expect to be greeted by friendly scoopers encouraging you to try EVERY flavor.  You should, it’s delicious. Over the summer, customers can expect to taste seasonal varieties, in addition to the brand’s signature flavors, like peanut butter mud pie and chocolate cookie dough. If finding your favorite flavor is too tough, ice cream can also be purchased by the pint and enjoyed later.

Hi B3ar Ice Cream Roll

The first of its kind in Boston, Hi B3ar serves Thai-style ice cream rolls, where ice cream is flattened on a cold plate by a chef and shaped into pretty rolls right in front of you. Creative menu items include a flavored ice cream roll base along toppings worthy of the creation’s name.

Honeycomb Creamery Made in Cambridge: We had to choose one to represent our friends across the way.

Three Words: Ice Cream Flights.  Yep. You may have already seen Honeycomb around at events, and farmers markets, but stop by their brick and mortar to enjoy ice cream the way it should be - no additives, milk without hormones, using locally sourced ingredients and seasonal flavors.  They are only one of a handful of shops that make their ice cream completely from scratch and you can taste the difference.

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